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Mews stands for Mobile News and is a free open-source usenet/NNTP client for Windows Mobile. Its intuitive user interface allows you to easily send/receive articles to/from just about any NNTP host.

Screen Shots

MainWindow.png ArticleWithAttachment.png QuoteBars.png Options.png RussianArticle.png


  • Offline reader: No internet connection is required while articles are read
  • Articles can be sent and received over any type of internet connection (e.g. ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center, dial-up, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, WiFi, etc.)
  • User interface adheres to established standards
    • Looks and feels mostly like a built-in application
    • All colors are drawn from the currently active theme, so if your device is e.g. set to the Red Eye Tree Frog Theme, Mews will do its best to fit in
  • Provides fast filtering based on the unread and/or watched states of the articles in a thread
  • Fully supports format=flowed articles
  • Quoted text in articles is shown with quote bars (instead of '>' characters), which makes wrapped lines much easier to read on such small displays
  • Supports attachments: Offers & opens any file type your device is capable of opening, including the ones that are handled through 3rd party programs like e.g. pdf
  • Fully supports all character sets present on your device, so a e.g. UK English device can correctly display articles in almost any European language
  • Fully supports devices with VGA resolution screen and square screens
  • Works with multiple servers
  • Allows to minimize possibly expensive traffic through header-only downloads. The user can then download only the interesting article bodies

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